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How to Change the Filters on your

Honeywell Air Cleaner...


The only two parts requiring any service are the activated carbon pre-filter and the HEPA filter. No tools are needed. To change either filter, disassemble the unit as shown.
1. Loosen the carrying handle by turning it counterclockwise and lift filter cage cover from unit.

For Model Series 10500: With the unit on a carpeted floor, twist the air cleaner filter cage cover counterclockwise until it stops (about 90 degrees), and lift the cover from the base.

2. Lift HEPA filter and, activated carbon pre-filter from the base.

3. Remove the fasteners from the activated carbon pre-filter and remove it from the HEPA filter cartridge.

4. Replace filter(s) as needed, and discard used filters.

5. Wrap the activated carbon pre-filter around the HEPA filter cartridge and secure it with the fasteners provided.

Reassemble your Honeywell air cleaner as described below:

1. Place the assembled HEPA filter and the activated carbon pre-filter on the base.

 2. Replace the filter cage cover.

 3. Reattach the carrying handle and turn it clockwise until securely tightened.

For Model Series 10500: Position the filter cage cover on the unit. Gently turn cover clockwise until it settles onto the base. Press down on filter cage cover and rotate clockwise until it snaps securely into place. Place the power control switch in the OFF position.

If The Air Cleaner Does Not Operate ...

  • Check to make sure that the power cord is correctly connected to the outlet.
  •  Test the outlet with another appliance or lamp.
  •  Check the fuse or circuit breaker. The outlet may be overloaded if other appliances are also in use. Determine and correct the cause of the overload.
  •  The thermal overload protection device on the air cleaner's motor may have engaged. Turn the air cleaner's motor control to OFF and wait 30 to 45 minutes. Then, plug it in and turn ON again.
  •  If none of the above procedures restore operation, return your unit to the store or if the store's return policy does not allow, return the complete unit per the instructions in the warranty section of this owner's guide. Do not attempt to repair the unit yourself.

Storage ...

If you store your Honeywell HEPA air cleaner for more than 30 days, we recommend:
  • Remove both the primary HEPA filter and the activated carbon pre-filter from the unit.
  • Discard the pre-filter.
  • Wrap the HEPA filter in an air-tight plastic bag or plastic wrap. Be sure that the filter is totally sealed.
  • To restore the air cleaner to service, unwrap the HEPA filter, install a new activated carbon pre-filter, and replace both filters in the air cleaner.

See "How to change the Filters..." section for proper installation.





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