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Construction of your

Honeywell Air Cleaner...

Your Honeywell air cleaner has four basic components: the filter cage cover, the HEPA filter,the activated carbon pre-filter, and the base assembly (with controls and motor).

For Best Performance ...

We recommend that you operate your Honeywell air cleaner 24 hours a day because indoor air can be quickly contaminated by activity in a room, infiltration of outside air, and generation by sources of contamination. Portable air cleaners will be much more effective in rooms where all doors and windows are closed.
The Honeywell HEPA air cleaner s ready to begin cleaning air as soon as it is removed from the carton and plugged in. Because it circulates air in a 360 degree pattern around the air cleaner, it can be placed on the floor in almost any location. However, for best performance the air outlet slot should not be blocked for at least 1 metre (three feet) in all directions.

Replacement Filters ...

Select the proper replacement filter for your Honeywell HEPA air cleaner from the chart below:

Model No.

HEPA Filter Part Number

Carbon Pre-filter Part Number

10500 Series

11500 Series

12500 Series

13500 Series









Replacement filters may be purchased from the retail store or ordered from the dealer where you purchased the product. If you cannot locate one in your area, please call our Consumer Relations Department for assistance at 1-800-332-1110.


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