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How Fresh Is the Air in Your Home

Today's demanding lifestyles mean that people spend 60-90% of their time indoors. The air inside even the "cleanest" home is loaded with millions of invisible pollutants that may be causing adverse health effects. More than 38 million Americans exhibit some sort of allergy or respiratory problem day in and day out.

Harmful particles caused by seemingly harmless and necessary items such as building materials, cleaning products, pets, home office machines and appliances, are continually recirculating throughout your heating and ventilating system, affecting your indoor air quality. These pollutants if not diluted, can build up to proportions that would be considered illegal in the atmosphere. Today's energy efficient homes are so well insulated and "tightened" that previous dilution by outside air has been virtually eliminated.

Air Flow Through Dust Eater Electrostatic air filtration is a permanent, cost-effective way to significantly improve the quality of your indoor air. Permatron's Dust Eater Electrostatic Air Filter has been proven effective for over a decade. By simply installing a Dust Eater and recirculating air through your HVAC system, you'll drastically reduce the number of irritating airborne contaminants that contribute to respiratory difficulties and deprive you and your family of a healthy home environment.

The Dust Eater is proven in independent laboratory testing to provide highly efficient system-wide air filtration with low resistance to air flow.






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